The addition of laser-induced fluorescence to the traditional Motional Stark Effect concept holds the promise of allowing direct magnetic field magnitude as well as pitch angle measurements. This would enable determination of the plasma pressure and current profiles. Nova Photonics is engaged in the development of this concept. The system is based on a carefully engineered diagnostic neutral beam, and would run independently of a heating beam on an experiment. This would also enable study of phenomena in the absence of heating beams. This development work has yielded interesting atomic physics results as well.


Progress on the Motional Stark Effect with Laser-Induced
Flourescence Diagnostic

A Collisional-Radiative Model Including Sublevel Parameters
(CRISP) for H-alpha Radiation

Sensitive Dependence of Hydrogen Balmer-alpha LIF Signal from
Hydrogen Neutral Beam on Background Magnetic Field

Development of the Motional Stark Effect with Laser-Induced
Fluorescence Diagnostic