Lyot filters are a type of optical filter that uses birefringence to produce a narrow passband of transmitted wavelengths.

Lyot optical filters have broad and diverse applications, including laser ranging and imaging, and laser communications. Our optical filters offer an unprecented combination of wide field-of-view (±20° along the vertical axis), narrow passband, wavelength flexibility, large aperture, and tunability.

We developed our filter technology in response to a challenging plasma diagnostic application, which was funded by the Department of Energy/OFES. This culminated in the installation of a set of filters at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory which have been operating reliably since 2004. Since then we have received several awards from the Navy for underwater laser communication.

View through filter tuned to 514 nm and filter in mount

Paper: An Optical Filter for Underwater Laser Communications

Narrowband Lyot Filters